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Programs & Platforms

Our designers work in the following programs:
Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
Adobe Indesign (.indd)
Adobe After Effects (.aep)
Figma (for website design) (.fig)
PowerPoint, Keynote (for presentations) (.ppt; .key)
Canva (upon request)

Website Constructors

Website Constructors that our designers can use:
Wordpress Elementor

The use of other website constructors are reviewed upon request.

At the beginning of the project it is important to specify which website builder will be used. If it is not stated, the designer will design the website in Figma. Adapting the design in the later stages might result in the changes in the design due to website builder limitations.

Other options are reviewed upon request. The files we submit are not automatically editable as it depends on the format the client has indicated in the brief. So we usually submit the file types that were requested in the brief. However, we can always submit editable files upon request even if this was not stated at the beginning. The key thing is to indicate the correct program at the beginning. If it is not stated, the designer can create in the program he or she feels is better. Recreating the work in another program can be tricky.

The editable programs include Figma, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects, Premier Pro, PowerPoint, Keynote.

Non editable files are .jpg, .png, .gif

Updated on: 10/12/2023

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