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How to structure your design orders

When you place a new order for a design, make sure it is one type of project (one format is equal to one type of project). For example, it can either be a logo, infographic, web page, or social media post, but it’s not both an infographic and a web page.

If it’s a design order for a website, be sure to create multiple projects – one for each page. Let’s say you need a website that contains Home, Product, About, Pricing, and Contact Us pages. We recommend creating a separate project with an individual brief for each page. That way, it’s easier to track revisions for each one.

If the design task involves one type of project but of different sizes, you can order one single project. Let’s say you need to order images for social media but require different sizes. You can select multiple dimensions within one order. There is no need to place a separate order for each dimension.

If the project is complex and might take more than 1 business day (like a logo/branding guidelines/landing page/or animated GIF), there is no need to split it into several orders: our designers will take care of your task and deliver it as a complete project.

Updated on: 10/12/2023

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