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How to place an order using your blogging subscription

Log in to your account and click “Order” in the overhead menu.

Click “Create new”.

Choose “Blogging” as a job type.

If you have a topic idea, choose “Enter own topic”. If you want to create a project for topic ideation, choose “Request ideas”.

5.If you chose “Enter own topic”, fill out the rest of the order (Industry, word count, topic, brief, additional details).

If there’s a specific writer you would like to invite to your project, click the + icon in the “Invite writers” section and select your preferred writer or writers and the amount of time you want to offer the project to them. If they don’t pick up your project within this time, it will be made available to all writers.

Once you’ve filled out the order, click “Place order”.

Once you’ve placed your order, we will match your project with a writer and they will start working on it. You will receive the content within a 4-day turnaround.

Updated on: 03/11/2024

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