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How to add CNAME for white-label

Setting up a CNAME for your Epiic account allows your team and clients to access the platform through a subdomain (or top level domain) of your choosing. For example,

Sign into the domain name registrar account and navigate to the settings.

Find the DNS zone editor and click on the Add New Record button.

Select a CNAME type record. Fill in the Host field with a subdomain you need, for example, content. Point it to And save your DNS settings.

Next, in your Epiic account, go to General settings > Branding > Select the White-label option > Enter the subdomain of your choice > Click Send request.

We will finalize the setup, buy an SSL certificate for the subdomain, and install that on our end. 

It can take up to two business days before the new CNAME can be accessed. Our support will confirm that by email.

Updated on: 02/19/2021

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